Our Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Therapist are an integral part of the team at Central Dental Group.  In keeping with our commitment to preservation and restoration of original teeth, we feel that patients can achieve amazing results by having their teeth cleaned and cared for during an oral hygiene visit.

These 45 minute appointments include a check up of the teeth and gums, including an assessment of any gum issues, a thorough scale and clean followed by a polish.  This visit does not replace your regular check-up with a dentist, but rather complements the treatment provided by your dentist. If required, both services - a dentist check-up and a clean with the hygienist - can be provided in the same visit. 
Hygienist visits are important for patients with tartar build up and plaque management issues and will help maintain healthy teeth and gums and can assist in avoiding more serious issues in the future.

Oral Health Therapists are trained to provide oral hygiene treatment and instruction, and are also accredited to provide limited dental services such as check ups and fillings in children and young adults. These services are provided in consultation with the referring dentist and care for patients is provided in a "shared care" arrangement.

 Veronica Modra 

  Laura McBride

Central Dental Group stock a wide variety of hygiene products for the convenience of our patients. Trusted brands such as Colgate, Curaprox, Curasept & Picksters are always available to purchase. If you know of a product you would like to see stocked, we are always open to new suggestions. The products we have chosen to stock are those we have tried and believe to be effective and clinically sound.