The orthodontic journey is an exciting time of significant change.  It is also a high-risk time for dental health as orthodontic treatment may increase the risk of dental disease.  There is a greater need to ensure you are maintaining healthy teeth and gums as it is more difficult to effectively clean around your orthodontic appliances.

Our Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Therapist are here to assist with comprehensive preventative care to support you throughout this time.

Your orthodontist will advise how frequently you require orthodontic appointments, this will usually be every 4-8 weeks.  In addition to these appointments we recommend our patients return to Central Dental Group for regular dental cleans and check-up's.  

Central Dental Group offers a structured orthodontic maintenance program.  These visits can occur 4 monthly, but will vary depending on your oral health prior to, and during orthodontic treatment.

At these visits we will assess how well your are maintaining healthy teeth and gums, identify risk areas, give tips on how to effectively clean around orthodontic appliances and plaque removal, remineralising treatments.